日時: 平成22年3月1日(月) 11:00~17:05
会場: 熊本大学医学部山崎記念館
出席者: 医学教育部博士課程大学院生(70名)





11:00~11:05 開会挨拶
11:05~12:05 学外アドバイザー講演1(座長:山縣和也教授)
神戸大学大学院医学研究科 清野進教授
“Pancreatic beta-cell signaling: toward better understanding and treatment of diabetes”
12:05~13:05 ショートプレゼンテーション
13:05~15:00 ポスターセッション(軽食あり)
15:00~16:00 学外アドバイザー講演2(座長:赤池孝章教授)
東北大学大学院医学系研究科 山本雅之教授
 “Structural basis of the Nrf2-Keap1 stress response system”
16:00~17:00 学外アドバイザー講演3(座長:小川峰太郎教授)
大阪大学大学院医学系研究科 仲野徹教授
“DNA methylation in early embryogenesis and spermatogenesis”
17:00~17:05 閉会挨拶


1Yu SuDiagnostic MedicineClinicopathologic findings in Japanese patients with senile systemic amyloidosis (SSA) - First report elucidating the prevalence of SSA in an Asian country
2Kazutaka OhtaNeurosurgeryThe decreased expression of GANP is associated with chromosomal instability in malignant gliomas
3Satoru ShinrikiOral and Maxillofacial SurgeryRoles of interleukin-6 (IL-6) signaling in human oral squamous cell carcinoma: a novel therapeutic target
4Tokunori IkedaImmunogeneticsEffect of TRAIL on regulatory T cell
5Yuichiro HiguchiStem Cell BiologySynthesized basement membrane substrata direct the differentiation of mouse ES cells into pancreatic lineages
6Takeshi YamashiroMetabolic MedicineEfficacy of lifestyle interventions on risk factors and insulin resistance in subjects at risk for metabolic syndrome: The Tabaruzaka Study
7Shahzada KhanMicrobiologyAn emerging pathogen, Helicobacter cinaedi: possible association with atherosclerosis
8Kohta OyamaMicrobiologyAn emerging pathogen Helicobacter cinaedi: Potential etiological factor for arrhythmia
9Yueren ZhaoPsychiatry and Neuropatho-biologyMaintaining favourable adherence by consistent self-administration of medication - Medication event monitoring system (MEMS) trial to evaluate the compliance of patients with schizophrenia in Japan
10Seung-Hwan ParkCell DifferentiationFoxo1 is a essential for in vitro vascular formation from embryonic stem cells
11Shintaro HayashidaTransplantationClinical significance of FoxP3 positive regulatory T cell monitoring in living donor liver transplantation
12Shailendra Kumar SinghImmunologyThe role of germinal center associated nuclear protein (GANP) in the transcriptional activation during somatic hypermutation (SHM) of Ig V-region
13Takehisa WatanabeGastroenterology and HepatologyEpigenetic regulation of the tumor necrosis factor / lymphotoxin locus by chromatin insulator
14Akira MatsuoStem Cell BiologyEpiplakin1 marks the cholangiocytes and hepatic stem/progenitor cells in adult and injured liver
15Mahmud HossainDevelopmental NeurobiologySignaling pathway of a recently identified axon guidance molecule, Draxin
16Xiaohong SongDevelopmental NeurobiologyFunctional analysis of Akhirin and Equarin during eye formation
17Taizi YamazoeStem Cell BiologyDifferentiation of hepatocyte-like cells from mouse ES cells and iPS cells
18Hiroshi OisoMetabolic MedicineThe role of histone deacetylase on gluconeogenesis in liver
19Atsuhiro TaguchiKidney DevelopmentInduction and purification of renal progenitor cells from Osr1-GFP knock-in murine ES cells
20Masaji SakaguchiKidney DevelopmentKif-k regulates the mesenchymal condensation on contact with ureteric buds in kidney development
21Shinichi NakamuraDiagnostic RadiologyOptimal temporal scan window for hepatobiliary phase MR imaging of the liver and effect of liver function on relative liver enhancement with Gd-EOB-DTPA at a 3-tesla MRI scanner
22Taro UenoStem Cell BiologyDopamine modulates temperature preferences and energy homeostasis in Drosophila
23Akiyuki HirosueOral and Maxillofacial SurgeryHigher-ordered epigenetic regulation of INK4/ARF locus by chromatin insulator
24Hirokazu TazumeCardiovascular SurgeryAngiopoietin-like protein2 (Angptl2) contributes to the development of aortic aneurysms through increasing the chronic inflammation in aortic walls
25Hiroto TsukanoMolecular Genetics The endoplasmic reticulum stress-CHOP pathway-mediated apoptosis in macrophages contributes to the instability of atherosclerotic plaques
26Kazuhiro TakahamaStem Cell BiologyScreening of the genes involved in high calorie-dependent reduction of sleep in drosophila
27Eiji HorioCardiovascular MedicineAngiopoietin-like protein2 (Angptl2)-activated inflammation in endothelial cells might contribute to coronary spastic angina
28Koji OhnishiCell PathologySuppression of TLR4-mediated inflammatory response by macrophage class A scavenger receptor (CD204)
29Atsuyuki TsutsumiMetabolic MedicineER stress signaling, but not SREBP expression, in liver in ob/ob mice is reversible by normalizing amount of food intake